It is imperative for management to keep up with new technologies and up-coming trends. This is why we undertake regular trips abroad to find the best designs, discover new trends and explore new products that are available. These are then introduced to local markets.

 In a first of its kind for Africa, a conductor rail system supplied by Furrer & Frey, was installed in Gautrain’s tunnels. Furrer & Frey is a Swiss company and is represented in South Africa by Tractionel Enterprise.

Besides the Furrer & Frey agency, Tractionel Enterprise is also an authorised representative of Rauscher Stoecklin, Arthur Flury as well as Steinmeyer. With these international affiliations, clients are assured of the latest and best rail electrification solutions at all times.

Overhead Track Supplies (Pty) Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tractionel Enterprise and provides railway related tools, equipment and spares to the railway industry. Overhead Track Supplies sources high quality Swiss, German and South African railway products for its clients at competitive prices.


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