Tractionel Enterprise are market leaders in railway electrification in Sub Saharan Africa, boasting a fully-fledged Design and Project Management Office. The offering includes the design, supply, construction, testing and commissioning of 3kV DC, 25 and 50kV AC Railway Electrification Projects.  This engineering discipline is also referred to as Overhead Track Equipment (OHTE) or Overhead Line Equipment (OHL) or Overhead Contact Distribution Systems (OCDS) solutions.



Our goal is to work towards modernisation of both construction and maintenance processes. In this, we aim to provide suitable solutions that are cost-effective and time-efficient to ensure maximum productivity. Our competent team of Resident Engineers, Draughtsmen, Project Managers, Schedulers, Health and Safety Practitioners, and Quality Assurance Officers ensure that we are in a unique position to provide our clients with these solutions, from the design stage through to the handover of the project.



Our Services

Design, supply testing and commissioning of:

3kV DC

25kV AC

50kV AC

Railway Electrification Projects

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